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Why we are different


The Classroom, Postal & Online Programs of IIT-PK are designed by the best experts in the education field.


The IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd. (IIT-PK) is a professionally run Private Limited Company with a Board of Directors.


About Us

Let us introduce ourselves. We are a team of enterprising professionals who have taken up the task of spreading the paradigm of IIT education in Pune and beyond. Our team comprises of academicians of rich talent who are IIT alumni, members of the academia, and industry professionals who are committed to the cause of education in this magnificent city of Pune .

We have embarked on a path to offer the highest paradigm of education in India for the student who is aspiring for admission into the engineering and pure science disciplines at the IITs. IIT education is internationally acclaimed and has been responsible for creating brilliant individuals who have and are contributing significantly to research, industry and the civil services the world over.

One of the misconceptions about IIT studies is that they are difficult. We would beg to differ! We believe that IIT studies are comprehensible, fun to learn, definitely challenging and hence extremely satisfying. It becomes tough only if the student has no guidance. But under the continued guidance and support of our eminent faculty at the Prashikshan Kendra, there is no room for difficulty and fear of IIT studies. Our program has been designed in such a manner that the student will enjoy this process of learning and will be grateful for the same throughout his/her life.

If you are a student or a parent, we would like you to see this as a precious opportunity to subscribe to IIT education. This education is a much coveted treasure and will yield rich benefits to the student throughout his/her career.

We invite you to be an integral part of the Prashikshan Kendra, an institution dedicated to the cause of education through the medium of the IIT-JEE. We invite you to have faith in us and pray that your faith gets richly rewarded in due course of time.


The IITian's Prashikshan Kendra Team.
(Formerly The IITian’s Pratishthan)
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