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The IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra Pvt. Ltd. (IIT-P) is a professionally run Private Limited Company with a Board of Directors, teaching and non-teaching staff, and thousands of well-wishers which include our ex-students, parents, educationists and social workers. The IIT-P Board comprises the following key members :

Mr. Durgesh C. Mangeshkar [B.Tech., IIT Bombay]

- Managing Director

Is the Founder Head & Academic Co-ordinator of IIT-P. Is a friend, philosopher and guide to all students at the academy. Advocates a free-style teaching methodology and is the principal architect behind all the initiatives of IIT-P and envisages to make IIT-P a rich grooming school for dynamic young minds with logic cum creative talent, research temper and entrepreneurial mind-sets coupled with social responsibility. He passionately advocates a holistic educational approach to the academic process and maintains that it is perhaps the only sustainable teaching element impartable to students & a vital need of the hour. He is an active member of the Art of Living Foundation.

Mrs. Gauripooja D. Mangeshkar [B.S.L., LL.B.]

- Executive Director

Is at the helm of the Administration at IIT-P. All matters as regards Policy, HR and matters in the administration and logistic areas of IIT-P are handled by her. She is the lead counsel for all decisions of the Board which have a legal implication.

Mr. N.B.Divekar [B.Tech., UDCT]

- Non-Executive Director

Is the Chief Advisor on all matters which have academic implications. The design of every classroom program is implemented only after his approval. His vast experience of over 30 years in the field of educations ensures that every decision at IIT-P is well-considered by the touchstone of his wisdom.

There are 3 additional members serving on the Board as Non-Executive Directors.

NB: IITian’s Prashikshan Kendra became a Private Limited Company in April 2005. Prior to 2005, IIT-P was called IITian’s Pratishthan, a partnership firm. The name was changed as per the order of the Registrar of Companies in 2005. IIT-P seldom uses its erstwhile brand name viz. IITian’s Pratishthan. Anyone using the name of IITian’s Pratishthan is doing so fraudulently with a solitary purpose of leveraging the brand equity of former name of IIT-P. It is expressly clarified that we have no associations with such organizations.

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