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After Std 10th

2-years GRANDMASTERS Program (Diamond & Gold Modes)

The GRANDMASTERS (GM) program was designed by Prof. D.C. Mangeshkar in 2002 to train students of Maharashtra for JEE ADVANCED and allied exams. The track record and the feedback of our students and parents from past so many years has established beyond doubt that the GRANDMASTERS program has superbly managed to meet the requirements of students in Pune and beyond. 

The GRANDMASTERS program is a comprehensive 2000+ hours program offered for complete and systematic coaching for XI + XII + MHT-CET + JEE MAINS + JEE ADVANCED exams. Preparation for BITSAT, VITEEE, MANIPAL-ENTRANCE, SRM- JEE, IAT and XII Boards is an integral part of the GM program. The GRANDMASTERS program also offers special modules for academic-oriented exams like Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Olympiads.

The unique design of the GRANDMASTERS program is predicated on 3 fundamental tenets of world- class education due to which IIT-PK has registered the highest success ratio, highest students retention ratio and unmatched rank transformations in India for the past several years.

The GRANDMASTERS program is one of the rare classroom programs offered in any part of the world which strictly follows the 2 cardinal principles of world-class higher education viz.

  • Feedback-driven student-centric Focus

    Written Feedback is taken transparently on all aspects of the classroom program in a democratic manner and accordingly action is taken promptly. Faculties have to teach in a “perform or perish” system which is strictly monitored by the Academic Head.
  • Batch Homogenization

    One size does not fit all ! Similarly, one style & speed of teaching does not suit everybody as students come from diverse academic backgrounds and have different natural grasping speeds and aspirations. IIT-PK segregates students into 3 streams and adopts a differentiated teaching cum testing style and speed for each of these 3 different groups of students ensuring comfort of learning for every student and thus helping them to realise their own individual potential. The feedback-driven teaching system ensures that all students are satisfied with their respective teachers too.

The 3 streams are

For those who have done IIT Foundation studies in Std.8 10 & / OR have high grasping speed.

For those who are Freshers and have high grasping speed.

For those who wish to aspire only upto JEE MAINS & CET or have average grasping speed

NB: The allocation of streams is done initially based on an Admission Test, your aspiration and In-Program Tests performance. Shifting of students from one stream to the other is possible and is done based on certain objective criteria and is done to provide learning comfort to students and is done judiciously after counselling only. No frequent shuffling is done !

Special Academics Features of GM Program

  • An experienced, qualified, stable and well co-ordinated Faculty team
  • A MASTER course sequence which is meticulously planned and executed.
  • A well-developed Testing system in Classroom / Postal / Online formats.
  • Exclusive Doubts and Difficulties clarification sessions
  • Excellent Study Material for XII Boards + JEE (15 IIT-PK Books will be given)
  • Time-tested Common Minimum Program to uniformise content delivery across batches.
  • Comprehensive Counselling mechanism throughout the 2-years Program
  • Special Orientation for XII Boards are organized before XII Boards exams.

Educational Features

  • Career Counselling with complete information of latest exams scenario provided.
  • Post-selection Counselling will be part of the GM program.

Features for Parents

  • ERP website for students and parents to know progress of the student and IIT-PK updates.
  • General Parents Meeting held twice in the 2-years GM Program.
  • Attendance Feedback system for parents
  • Exam performance intimation to parents via SMS after every Test.
  • Access to Batch Co-ordinators on phone thereby making feedback easy for parents.
  • Mentorship system for Outstation students.

For Std. 11th

1.5 years FUNDABUILDER Program

The FUNDABUILDER Program is a 18 month intensive program launched for Std. XI students so that they excel in XI+ XII + JEE MAINS + MHT-CET exams. The FUNDABUILDER Program will commence from Sept/Oct onwards. The FUNDABUILDER Program is a complete program which comprises Teaching & Doubts sessions, Testing system, Study Material and Counselling.

The special features of the FUNDABUILDER Program are

  • A systematically planned course comprising of 1000+ hours of teaching.
  • A highly experienced faculty team who have produced excellent results in JEE & MHT-CET.
  • Regular doubts and difficulties clarification sessions.
  • A well-developed Testing system in Classroom, Take-home & Online formats for JEE & MHT-CET with AI analytics.
  • Excellent customized Study Material (15 books) prepared by the IIT-PK academic think-tank.
  • Comprehensive counselling mechanism to help develop right study methodology.
  • Time-tested Student Feedback system to help administer the program with high satisfaction levels.
  • Complete teaching of all chapters of XII Boards & Printed Notes for 12th Boards
  • Special Orientation Lectures for XII Boards organized before XII Boards exam.
  • Access to Batch Co-ordinators on phone thereby making feedback easy for parents.
  • 2 General Parents Meetings for parents along with quarterly report cards & Test marks SMS facility.

Admissions to the FUNDA-BUILDER Program can be taken anytime from September to March of Std.11. It is however advisable to join the program as early as possible.

After Std 12th

1 year IIT Repeaters Program

The SURECRACK/ REPEATERS Program is a 1-year intensive program conducted for IIT Repeaters / Droppers so that they excel in JEE ADVANCED and allied Engineering Entrance examinations like BITSAT, VITEE, MAHE, MHT-CET etc. By IIT Repeaters / Droppers is meant those students who have given the JEE before but have not secured a good enough rank or those who have passed Std. XII and wish to appear for JEE. The SURECRACK Program has produced a success rate of over 50% in IIT each year since 2002.

There will be a separate batch for IIT Repeaters where intense problem solving sessions shall be conducted with regular tests. In addition, SURECRACK students will have the option to attend the lectures with their juniors in the GRANDMASTERS Program as well.

The special features of the 1-year SURECRACK program are as under:

  • Exposure to top-notch faculties in the JEE ADVANCED circuit.
  • Systematic course planning and execution
  • Excellent Study Material prepared by IIT-PK
  • Comprehensive Testing System in Classroom / Take-Home / Online formats
  • Library Support and Study room facility.
  • Free Access to attend lectures in the prestigious GM Program of IIT-PK
  • Free access to the Finale course for JEE ADVANCED after JEE MAINS
  • Post-Selection counselling for the critical decision on discipline & IIT
  • Admissions to the SURECRACK Program are open from May – August any year.

The SURECRACK Program commences from mid-June every year and there is only one batch of maximum of 60 students at the central location of Pune. Classes are conducted for 6 days per week and 3-4 hours per day.

Contact any of our admission personnel for more information about any programs.

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