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Know your child better !

Know suitable career options !!

Every individual has various inner talents and multiple facets to their personality. Every parent is inquisitive to know about these inner faculties of their child. Various career related decisions can be made in a much better way if the child and their parents are clear about their own talents and personality traits.

IITPK now brings to you an amazing set of Tests to assess your child's inner talents and personality traits which can prove invaluable to you to make important career and life decisions in the future.

Once an individual has a knowledge of his/her own inner faculties, one can improve on your weak areas and consolidate your strengths.

The following Tests are administered in IITPK :

  • DMIT : A unique finger-print based assessment to evaluate scores in each of the 8 major types of intelligence which an individual has. Also certain personality traits and learning styles can be ascertained from this DMIT Test. Fees : Rs. 3500/-
  • MCMF : It is a unique personality Test designed by IITians to evaluate your strengths and weakness on 12 key parameters related to personality. This Test also recommends certain specific career options and their suitability for your based on the personality analysis. Fees : Rs. 1999/-
  • VARK : This Test gives insight into the natural learning orientation and style of the individual. There are 4 types of learning styles and an understanding of which of them one is naturally oriented for helps one to study more effectively. Fees : Rs. 500/-
  • PRAKRUTI : This is a unique Test based on the ancient science of Ayurveda and maps your mind-body complex into one of the 7 possible types (called Doshas). The diet, daily regimen, personality, behavioural patterns and the environment most suited to an individual can be ascertained accurately from this Test. This boosts one's physical health and mental wellness. Fees : Rs.999/-

Certified Career Counsellor has been guiding IITPK students and parents for over a decade in various capacities.

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