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IIT-PK claims names of only such successful students who have taken long-term classroom coaching in any of its centers in Pune and are First Attempters. Ranks if claimed in JEE are JOSAA relevant ranks in JEE MAINS or JEE ADVANCED.

Since 2018 onwards, IIT-PK has pioneered the unique practice of declaring final Placements of students by mentioning the college, branch and degree enrolled for. This has been done as the marks, Percentiles or Ranks details in Entrance exams are quite confusing for most parents and students leading thereby to many misleading interpretations. Declaring final Placements is the most ethical and transparent method to declare Results !

A separate list of students from any part of the world are claimed who have registered for any short-term Workshop or online modular course or Test Series Program in classroom / online or postal modes or are Repeaters.

The names of students claimed in advertisements, brochures, social media posts and websites of IIT-PK conform to the above statement.

IIT-PK does not claim students who have attended Webinars or some Doubts classes or Free Foundation lectures in IIT-PK or have taken private tuitions with any of our faculty members.

IIT-PK does not subscribe to the unethical practice of claiming fake ranks of students or claiming ranks of students of another coaching academy with whom a friendly tie-up is forged as is done by some JEE coaching institutes in Pune.

IIT-PK unequivocally condemns the practice of certain JEE coaching institutes which claim ranks of students who were taught by their faculty members in their personal capacity as private tutor and not as a faculty of the institute.

IIT-PK does not subscribe to the policy of declaring the phone numbers of selected students on its website as it infringes on the privacy of the students and is likely to be misused by mischief mongers or rival coaching institutes for obvious gains. Instead, we give the phone number of any student to an interested parent so that they can talk to the student and their parent for any information they may want to know. Declaring phone numbers on the website is a practice which appears to lend authenticity of ranks claimed by an institute but it also amounts to fulfill its vested interests at the cost of the privacy of the student.

IIT-PK therefore is judiciously transparent when it comes to giving access to any of our selected students for interested parents and students. We also welcome any request of any parent or student to talk to our students who are currently undergoing the program.

The Results claimed by IIT-PK which are uploaded on our website are therefore in accordance with the stated policy and methodology above.

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