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The Classroom, Postal & Online Programs of IIT-P are designed by the best experts in the education field. The following features in the Classroom Programs at IIT-P ensure that they are in a class of their own and are several cuts above the rest :

  1. Teachers at IIT-P are involved only in teaching and doubts-difficulties activities. Other academic functions and non-academic functions are handled by other members of IIT-P. This ensures total focus with relaxation for teachers. Needless to say, IIT-P is one of the best pay-masters in the IIT-JEE industry as far as teachers are concerned.
  2. IIT-P has the highest Retention Rate (read low drop-out rate) of 95% in the IIT-JEE industry in Western India. Usually, IIT-JEE classes in Western India suffer from a drop-out rate exceeding 50% in the first year itself. The low drop-out rate at IIT-P speaks volumes about the excellent teaching feedback and systematically executed programs at IIT-P.
  3. IIT-P religiously practices the policy of Batch-Homogenisation by allocating students into 5 different streams so as to provide comfort of learning to the student and comfort of teaching to the teacher. The 5 streams have differential speeds of teaching tuned to match the grasping speed and capacity of the students.
  4. IIT-P provides a Program which is truly complete. The classroom program includes Teaching, Doubts & Difficulties, Testing, Assignments & Counselling from time to time.
  5. IIT-P is the only IIT-JEE academy in Western India to have a well-designed and complete Testing system in 3 modes viz. Classroom, Take-Home & Online formats.
  6. IIT-P practices democracy in the classroom. Written Feedback is taken from every student about teaching and other academic aspects and changes are implemented with utmost sincerity.
  7. Every lecture in IIT-P is attended by an academic executive called the Batch Co-ordinator who helps in communicating the feedback from students and teachers to the Academic Head instantly so that corrective action can be taken and resonance can be achieved as fast as possible.
  8. Counselling of students is done on all 3 aspects – Psychological, Academic and Career aspects. Communication to parents is done regularly in the form of documents, report cards and General Parents Meetings conducted twice in the entire Program.
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