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Home Classroom Programs For Std. 7,8,9,10 PRODIGY SENIORS : 1-year IIT Foundation Program for Std.9,10

PRODIGY SENIORS : 1-year IIT Foundation Program for Std.9,10

We are in the Technological age and in the age of intense competition. It is an acknowledged fact that there are very few A-grade colleges and universities in India which provide quality education and produce industry-ready technocrats or quality medicos. The admission into these prestigious colleges is on the basis of an Entrance exam after Std.12 like the JEE, BITSAT, NEET etc. It is the observation of the academic think-tank of IIT-P in the past 19 years that coaching a child for JEE etc. in 2 years from Std.11 to 12 is certainly possible but a stressful exercise for the student. However, if the student starts preparing for these exams from any of the school years from Std.7-10 by studying Science & Maths in a conceptual manner, the entire process of learning becomes enjoyable and stress-free. It is in this context that IIT-P via its division FOUNDATION MASTERS has designed its IIT Foundation Programs called the PRODIGY Programs since 2004.

The second stage of the PRODIGY Program is called the PRODIGY SENIORS Program and is meant for Std.9 & 10 students or those who have done the PRODIGY JUNIORS Program. The chief objective of this Program is to initiate the student into the conceptual thinking process. The subjects of Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry are taught with a systematic conceptual approach. The SENIORS Program builds a strong Foundation for JEE studies. It is in this SENIORS Program that the student shall get a flavour of JEE studies and shall also imbibe the right thinking approach towards Science & Maths. Besides the Experiments Workshop after Diwali, SENIORS students are also exposed to a ROBOTICS Workshop wherein they get to construct an electro-mechanical toy. The Thesis cum Presentation Project is an integral part of the SENIORS program.

Students who have completed the PRODIGY SENIORS Program have reported that besides improving their school grades, they excelled in inter-school competitive exams like MTS, IPM, NSO, Unified Council, Asset Online Tests etc. without any extra effort. The students also reported significant increase in the self-confidence of the student in understanding and applying concepts to solve problems.

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