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Home Classroom Programs For Teenagers Sensibility cum Sensitivity Building Session


The principal objective of IIT-P is to build students with intelligence and character. The various academic programs of IIT-P undoubtedly makes the student strong in fundamentals and improves ability to apply intelligence besides, improving learnability tremendously. However, society does not need only intelligent individuals. History has repeatedly proven that talent if not coupled with sound character can have untoward consequences. Intelligent beings are capable of crooked and destructive things if they are devoid of character. Hence, any JEE academy churns out individuals with high intelligence but it is like a double-edged sword from a societal view-point.

In IIT-P, we believe that if intelligent individuals become more sensitive to various global, national and social issues and feel for the same, such individuals can someday contribute hugely to resolve some of these burning issues thereby exhibiting superb character as well. We agree that it is not our agenda to build character as character-building is a deeper and a multi-dimensional exercise requiring work from an early age and needs many more resources than what we can harness at this stage. However, in the short span that students are with us in IIT-P, we believe it is our duty to endeavour to instill in students certain humane values which will lend a glow and radiance to their personality as they grow in their professional careers.

To build sensible and sensitive citizens for the emerging 21st century knowledge-based society is indeed the grand mission of IIT-P !

It is in this context that IIT-P organises about 6 sessions of 3 hours each in the year in Pune itself exclusively for IIT-P students under the aegis of its Holistic Development Cell (HDC). The Sensibility & Sensitivity Building (SSB) sessions is a humble endeavour to achieve the above stated objectives. The SSB sessions shall be open to students outside IIT-P at the discretion of the Speaker of SSB.


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