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CAREER COUNSELLING Session for Teenagers

IIT-P organizes Career Counselling under the brand name of DRISHTI to students aged between 15 and 19. A psychometric Test is not taken by IIT-P but an attempt is made by conversing with the student along with his / her parents to gain insights and suggest atleast 3 career avenues where the child can excel. As on today, there are about 100 career paths besides Engineering & Medicine which translate into rewarding, satisfying and enduring career options for students. Out of them, atleast 3 most prospective career avenues for the student are suggested for exploring further.

IIT-P does not subscribe to the method of taking psychometric Tests and suggesting career options to students. Such methods in our opinion are effective to the extent of 25% only and is a mechanical method to arrive at a conclusion on a sensitive issue which is very crucial for the individual. The human interaction method advocated by us has greater effectiveness in comparison and hence is adopted by IIT-P.

We, however concede that selecting the right career cannot be a 1-hour issue and hence introspection and observation with an open mind around in society coupled with advice given by career counsellors like us, can over a reasonable period of time help the student to arrive at a judicious choice of a career.

An accomplished method of career counseling involves spending atleast 1 week with the client and scanning various parameters including astrological and graphological signs in order to suggest a career. However, this level of career counseling is not yet offered by IIT-P and is in fact not offered anywhere in India as on date.

So, in brief, the scope of DRISHTI - the exclusive career counselling service offered by IIT-P is limited to suggesting about 3 career avenues where we feel the individual can excel in.

DRISHTI appointments are available only in select times of the year.

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